"In the beginning God had a plan, to Kreate a man, The Ultimate Man... "


"...AND God said.....I'll make me a man, A man of Courage, A man of Dignity, A man who is able to become all that is said, I'll make him in the color of valor: Krimson Red A man with Gleam, A man of Wisdom, A man who is able to fulfill every woman's dream, I'll make him in the color of Integrity: Kappa Kream A man who consists of no ends or boundaries, A man who is wise in all his decisions, A man who has the willingness to achieve, And the knowledge to obtain every goal, I'll make a man that compels of no sin, And God said, I'll start this group of men with ten! Men of Strength, Men of Love, Men who are worthy of treasures from above, Men who are as radiant as diamonds in the sky, And God said, I'll make a man And I'll call him a KAPPA Man"